Monday, 24 January 2011

im back

back after a blooming long break, my exams are over for the moment and i feel fine, fresh and hopeful towards the future. this blog may just end up as a sort of personal diary or some kind of metamorphasis like that, i doubt there is anyone actually watching this site in eager anticipation of my newest installment. since crimbo, i have gifted myself with a laptop and so will be able to make weekly or daily updates.

recently i have been reading "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald. not of my own volitionb but as part of my exams. and i know, that exam books are usually universally despised, but, unusually i enjoy reading it as a work of literary science. it is packed from tip to tale with artistic language, symbolism and Modern writing style, the book itself makes you trhink deeper into itself , like finding the opening to a labyrinth in a maze of tunnels. or some such similie.
the narrator, untrustworthy, yet endearing. the protagonist (not the narrator, who is also involved) even less trustworthy and more endearingly described than ones own mother.
i love the way the story unfolds and is told through the eyes of a participant, yet not the protagonast. with his own feelings and biases.
truly it is a good book, i need to read it several more times to get the most out of it, and i suggest, that if you havent read it yet, you get straight to it

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