Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Rising from the Grave

So, uh. Hi.

It has been a very. very long time, 3 years nearly. Holy crap I forgot I even had blogs. However, I was looking through my adsense for my Youtube channel and came across the fact that I had linked it with this a long time ago. I'd like to say I kept reading, I'd like to think i never stopped. but however I did. I havent read a book in Months. I've played visual novels, watched countless films and even read magna, yet the noble following of literature has passed me by of late. 

I guess it has something to do with the fact that I am in university, doing next to nothing with myself except slowly failing and losing at the grand lottery that is life.

I don't even know if anyone even reads this anymore.

But to hell with this narcissistic depressed outlook on things. 
It is coming to the end of NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month as the public knows it. 
The aim is to write a whole Novel, In a month. basically, I came across this whilst watching a famous youtuber who no longer uploads. Her last upload was about how she was taking part in this challenge. In 2012. She then stopped uploading and has since dropped off the internet entirely, which is slightly depressing as it was nice to watch videos made by someone I empathise with.

So, returning from that unexpected tangent. I have thought myself a slightly more organised individual compared to the me who began this literature adventure with my humble readers.  
And decided to once again begin uploading new posts at least once a month, maybe more if time permits.

Therefore. I will be going to the writing subreddits and enquiring if people want me to review their writings, I will of course try to review some more well known books, however The last books I think I read were the Hunger Games series, or Terry Pratchett's latest book. So my knowledge of the writing world has diminished.

I hope you, my dearest readers are at least slightly pleased that I am back from my long sabbatical leave, and am back for some long overdue work 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

well i think, im a huge liar and a bit of a dolt.

I said that I would update more often... and of course I haven't. I have been much more concerned with the upkeep of another blog of mine about another passion of mine. Video Games.

yeah I know inter-blog advertising is silly, but hey its my own blogs so who cares.

I guess some info on a book would be a start on this one. so here goes, no wiki reports either, an honest to god review.

where to start? i think with the title no? it is Look Back in Anger, not much of a book, more of a play, but literature is strongest when it is able to be replayed live instead of within the walls of ones own imagination. it really does convey the stagnancy of the 1950's along with the uncertainty of the government and the anguish and loss of the intelligent with poor backgrounds. quite a relatable subject in these times, when if you have passed high school with all the highest grades and dont plan on going to university you truly are stuck, quite like our young Jimmy. The guy is put out to be the smartest person in the book and seemingly with the huge contrast of vocabulary and thoughtfulness, possibly the smartest in the country. and all he can do is watch in disdain while ihstory repeats itself while putting everyone out of their comfort zone with disturbing references. you see, Jimmy is an ass, he's smart and he knows it, so he wont cease to disparagingly attack all those under his intellectualism for their indecisiveness or lack of ambition. deep down, i like the guy as he's too smart for his position but he cant advance. poor bugger

so i might (note the word MIGHT) update more, but it is a lot harder to manage 2 blogs about different subjects... or to read a worthwhile book every week. (the good ones are rarer than diamonds in shit)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Another summer, Another post

I really should read more over the summer instead ofdrinking away the time. But in all regards this summer was intense, passionate and fun-filled. So back into the routine that is senior school, 1 more year then poof! Off to uni. Scary thought if it passes as fast as the summer did. No books to report on. (Probably a good thing) but make sure to read a book called Scar Night. Favourite of mine from the past.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

hello again, it has been a while and well very damned little has happened except well i have passed a couple of my As-level exams..... and failed the majority of the other ones, so win some lose some. im re-attempting them and hopefully getting an improved mark in them. Also im not going parting anymore, poor little me. Its because i want to save cash for an oxygen ticket. So i'll probably post a lot more in the absence of excessive alcohol.

for a book review, I'm thinking "The Reaper Man" by Terry Pratchett. its another of the satirical and sensationally funny Discworld series, this installment sees Death late for work... well apart from being, well, Death. hes gone missing and his unlucky manservant Albert needs to find him...

Miles away in a remote farmtown in the Ramtop mountains, an old woman has found a new employee and he's a bit on the thin side...

Thats all i got folks, and probably i'l be back in a couple of days with more.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Well. Its been a little while since i last posted. and a whole lot has been happening. I've gotten round to finally learning computer coding languages, i'm officially out of debt from my sister (it was worse than you could imagine) and im actually working in classes. A delicate medium of drink,games,work and friends is being maintained with little effort.... also i have found the joys of minecraft.

the book of the day is Mort. by Terry Pratchett. i love that man... this has Death recruiting a young lad from the mountains as an apprentice... but apprentices eventually become masters and Death aint going to die any time soon so a deads end job in my opinion.
Well anyway, Mort goes with Death and quickly picks up the tricks of the trade, excepth the part where you shouldn't fall in love with your clients... definatly tough in his line of work when everyone eventually dies, but he falls in love and attempts to save her. He does but he doesnt know the repurcussions of this rash action and accidentally opens up a shrinking parrallel reality, time is running out and the princess (the girl he saves)  is being ignored and forgotten when she's still alive a ""royal" outrage. As time repairs itself, Mort and Death end up quarrelling and fighting, which Mort loses spectacularly. yet Death, as usual shows a compassion streak unnatural to the immortaland has a "chat" with the gods. then mort has a choice... the princess or deaths daughter (dont ask).....

Thursday, 17 February 2011

i havent read

and in the wake of war, we are left to rebuild the peices. valentines has come and gone, and my girlfriend wants me dead, you remember when i said i was a unromantic person? well she didnt believe me... her fault, but kind of mine that i forgot her present and card... and she got me all sorts of things like a bracelet (i quite like the Hawaiian bracelets) and socks..... i then had to go and when she wasnt looking sneak buy a lovely bracelet for 80 effin quid.... she then said "i saw you buy that" and took it then walked off in a strump.... shit.

well books again.
book of the week is.... catcher in the rye,
i havent actually readed it yet, getting round to it. i dont much go in for the mainstream books, classic or modern crap i know it sounds bad but theres very little about mainstream stuff that interests me, harry potter, twilight or "i-dunno-what-the-kids-read-these-days" so yea, catcher in the rye is a um book about um themes and um shit.....

Sunday, 13 February 2011

okay people its nearing valentines day and theres a slight tinge  of romance in everything. im not a soppy person, public displays of affextion are nice but too much is just bordering on public pornography and indecencey. i cant say much as i know im a mad hypocrite about that, but i guess i know how people feel when the see there woman/man for the first time in weeks, yet i know that its silly and disguists other people i dont care.

so the book for today is another terry pratchett book, the light fantastic, the basicly sequel to the colour of magic, same main characters basicly and the Luggage. more outrlandish disc adventures. oh joy from rincewind,
the end sees crazyness... as usual
read it youl understand better.also the end of the disc is nigh