Tuesday, 25 January 2011

okay then, today i have officially finished all exams for this term and will be starting on my project for school, ive no clue what il be doing but im sure itl be just as woeful as actually sitting another test. My life now revolves basicly around my bedroom, i rarely leave it after i arrive home, im there to stay it seems.

so the book il be promoting today will be...... Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchetts Good Omens, a book that is loved by many for its combination of Pratchett's notorious wit and Gaimen's dark humor and horror undertones, i read the book as i was getting in to Pratchett's discworld series and wanted to branch off into a more realistic setting.
the story in this book revolves around the bible story if the apocalypse and it is injected throughout with some of the funnyest peices of literacy i have ever read

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