Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Well. Its been a little while since i last posted. and a whole lot has been happening. I've gotten round to finally learning computer coding languages, i'm officially out of debt from my sister (it was worse than you could imagine) and im actually working in classes. A delicate medium of drink,games,work and friends is being maintained with little effort.... also i have found the joys of minecraft.

the book of the day is Mort. by Terry Pratchett. i love that man... this has Death recruiting a young lad from the mountains as an apprentice... but apprentices eventually become masters and Death aint going to die any time soon so a deads end job in my opinion.
Well anyway, Mort goes with Death and quickly picks up the tricks of the trade, excepth the part where you shouldn't fall in love with your clients... definatly tough in his line of work when everyone eventually dies, but he falls in love and attempts to save her. He does but he doesnt know the repurcussions of this rash action and accidentally opens up a shrinking parrallel reality, time is running out and the princess (the girl he saves)  is being ignored and forgotten when she's still alive a ""royal" outrage. As time repairs itself, Mort and Death end up quarrelling and fighting, which Mort loses spectacularly. yet Death, as usual shows a compassion streak unnatural to the immortaland has a "chat" with the gods. then mort has a choice... the princess or deaths daughter (dont ask).....

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