Thursday, 17 February 2011

i havent read

and in the wake of war, we are left to rebuild the peices. valentines has come and gone, and my girlfriend wants me dead, you remember when i said i was a unromantic person? well she didnt believe me... her fault, but kind of mine that i forgot her present and card... and she got me all sorts of things like a bracelet (i quite like the Hawaiian bracelets) and socks..... i then had to go and when she wasnt looking sneak buy a lovely bracelet for 80 effin quid.... she then said "i saw you buy that" and took it then walked off in a strump.... shit.

well books again.
book of the week is.... catcher in the rye,
i havent actually readed it yet, getting round to it. i dont much go in for the mainstream books, classic or modern crap i know it sounds bad but theres very little about mainstream stuff that interests me, harry potter, twilight or "i-dunno-what-the-kids-read-these-days" so yea, catcher in the rye is a um book about um themes and um shit.....

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