Wednesday, 16 November 2011

well i think, im a huge liar and a bit of a dolt.

I said that I would update more often... and of course I haven't. I have been much more concerned with the upkeep of another blog of mine about another passion of mine. Video Games.

yeah I know inter-blog advertising is silly, but hey its my own blogs so who cares.

I guess some info on a book would be a start on this one. so here goes, no wiki reports either, an honest to god review.

where to start? i think with the title no? it is Look Back in Anger, not much of a book, more of a play, but literature is strongest when it is able to be replayed live instead of within the walls of ones own imagination. it really does convey the stagnancy of the 1950's along with the uncertainty of the government and the anguish and loss of the intelligent with poor backgrounds. quite a relatable subject in these times, when if you have passed high school with all the highest grades and dont plan on going to university you truly are stuck, quite like our young Jimmy. The guy is put out to be the smartest person in the book and seemingly with the huge contrast of vocabulary and thoughtfulness, possibly the smartest in the country. and all he can do is watch in disdain while ihstory repeats itself while putting everyone out of their comfort zone with disturbing references. you see, Jimmy is an ass, he's smart and he knows it, so he wont cease to disparagingly attack all those under his intellectualism for their indecisiveness or lack of ambition. deep down, i like the guy as he's too smart for his position but he cant advance. poor bugger

so i might (note the word MIGHT) update more, but it is a lot harder to manage 2 blogs about different subjects... or to read a worthwhile book every week. (the good ones are rarer than diamonds in shit)

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