Monday, 7 February 2011

awright lads, today i have found the joys of my old sony walkman. not the tape player, im not that retro but my 8gb mp3 player, i lost it a while ago and have been without music ever since, so now iv decided to put EVERY CD I own on it, a feat that will take well over a week of copying, but it will be worth it i think.

il be going quickely over a book which, unfortunately, i have to read. the death of a salesman by arthur miller. an As level book for my coursework. its about an old salesman, Willy Loman, not highborn man, his name mewans average, showing that a tradgedy of a book can not only be written on kings and heros but on working class people. as they say, take pity on those the god ignore for their lives are fraught with hardship.
Willy is scraping a meager living of his job as a salesman and his ever increasing mental health issues, he constantly argues with his oldest son about how he cant get a decent job. yet in the past his son never argued with him and only ever looked up to him. something went wrong. Willy cheated on his wife on a work trip and his son caught him and in that moment lost all respect for him.
All of Willys problems stem from this one dillemma in his life, and in the end he feels he can no longer go on, and in a spurt of madness, believing that some health insurance could ste his family up for life, he kills himself. we never know if this payment goes through but it seems that it wont as in the past this had nearly happened and was declared self inflicted damage. so in the end a family loses its father and husband and are left with nothing.

this play, is a satirical, mocking look at the american dream ideal and how it drives people insane and people will alsways try to "get rich or die trying" unfortunately it is usually the latter that happens.

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