Thursday, 10 February 2011

hi all. its been a few days since i last posted, feels more like a month.... again. this week has gone by at the pace of a turtle trapped in treacle and its uncool. i have finally finished fixing my cd albums. deleted every song off my laptop, then proceeded to add each album iindividually and get all the album artwork etc for syncing to my mp3 player. took some time but it kept mew busy, too busy in fact to have read anyhting or taken a comment on what to do my biased and badly written reviews on.
but, alas i  must have a paragraph of verbal diarrhea on a book of the week without consulting the gods of wikipedia. so here goes. umm,..... harry potter? no too mainstream. cathcer in the rye? hvent read it yet..... um O.o i know!!!!
you know themes? and how the books main theme is usually meaningfull. like in harry potter "your friends are your most important asset" or lord of the rings "good always wins"
twilights is "you MUST have a boyfriend." simply.

so there you go another reason to hate twilight :D

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